Site to Site and Gateway VPN - Wireguard VPN

Site to Site VPN - On Premise

$ 99.00 USD One Time
Use the vpn to secure and encrypt traffic between servers in different geo locations. We provide multiple solutions for you to choose from. We provide end to end encryption for both Windows and Linux machines with little to no change to existing infrastructure.
This is on premise installation, as you provide the server and we provide the appliance deployment and configuration.

Site to Site VPN - Cloud

$ 29.00 USD /mo
This server is used to create a persistent tunnel between your server and a remote firewall. The VPN is flexible, and can connect to one or more vpn peers, internal or externally.

    VPN gateway (remote access) - On Premise

    $ 99.00 USD One Time
    Use the gateway vpn to access internet from a location securely. This setup can also be configured as a remote access scenario, as only part of the traffic will be sent through the vpn.
    This is an on premise installation, as you provide the server and we provide the appliance deployment and configuration.

    Gateway VPN - Cloud

    $ 29.00 USD /mo
    The Gateway VPN creates a gateway for you to hide your home/office ip address.
    Once you connect to the gateway, all the traffic is encrypted and hidden from external world.

      Frequently Asked Questions
      • VPN is an acronym standing for Virtual Private Network. While online networks can be open or visible, VPN makes it possible that you will have your own virtually private network through public networks, making your information and data encrypted to be anonymous while online other networks. Need high-speed streaming, browsing, security or anonymity ?
      • Once a user makes a connection to the Internet, the VPN application kicks in and the connection is made to a server that is chosen by the user from another place in the world. Once connected, the host computer will be encrypted from the chosen area and there will be no information or data given off to the visited websites from the actual host network or computer.
      • If you travel often and you need a VPN which makes it look like you are in one location in the USA or other country
      • VPN Frequently Asked Questions Using a VPN can save you from many different hassles and geographical restrictions while searching through the pages of the Internet. Using a VPN can also be very good in blocking your computer from hackers and spammers. Remember though, it is not a virus protection software.

      Yes you need a vpn if you want to trade bitcoins as you would be located in US.

      • You would require a vpn to watch special content that is available only in certain countries
      • Netflix and HBO access to countries all across the globe
      • You may need a vpn if you want to access an MSSQL database remotely and securely
      • Our vpn appliance can create a secure network between your server and your home or office location
      • Connecting to SMS providers
      • Connecting to banks to process payments
      • Most common used providers: Airtel, 9Mobile, MTN, etc
      • Connecting to backoffice secure
      • Deploying the vpn appliance from opnsense
      • Initial configuration and setup of 1 site to site connection
      • Setup of the NAT/SNAT rules for windows servers
      • Setup of the gre tunnels for unix/linux machines
      • Configure routing for 2 servers included
      • 2 hours skype call for troubleshooting connection problems
      • Appliance can host unliminted number of site to site connections
      • Deploying the vpn appliance
      • Initial configuration of the appliance
      • Firewall configuration to match your desired setup
      • 1 hour demo on how to configure users and limit access
      • Unlimited users to access the Gateway
      • Don't give your access to a third party provider, have your own server
      • Install the vpn appliance at your location, without paying the monthly fees
      • Requirements: FreeBSD version 12+ server, dedicated IP
      • $99 installation and configuration fee
      • Deploy the vpn server appliance in the cloud
      • $99 installation and configuration fee
      • $25 monthly cost, management fees included
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