Local SEO - Local SEO Services for US Businesses

On Page and Off-Page SEO and local cities
  • Onpage SEO is the process of tweaking and optimizing a website to increase its visibility online.

We typically implement all of the Onpage changes within the first 2 months of starting the campaign.

  • Web page meta keywords
  • XML sitemp generation
  • keyword density and Proximity
  • Internal linking
  • mobile SEO
  • web page Headers
  • Robots.txt file,
  • Google Analytics and search console set up.

Offpage SEO involves making optimizations OFF your website that helps you rank higher

  • One of the biggest Offpage SEO ranking factors is Links.
  • A link is essentially a mention of your website on another external website.
  • Link building helps increase the authority of your website whilst also enhances your brand visibility.
  • However, treat this carefully as not all links are created equal.. like anything in SEO Quality > Quantity.
  • Local SEO is all about telling the search engines what services you have to offer and where you’re based.
  • By sending the relevant information of your web pages to a particular type of customer in a specific geographical area, you can encourage the major search engines, like Google, to favour your content above your competitors’ efforts and list you highly within the search results.
  • Gaining higher rankings in the organic listings will not only increase your search exposure but it will also transform your online reputation.
  • You’ll be seen as a trusted, reputable business that’s worthy of first page positions.
  • And because all eyes will be on your business, you’ll start generating more of those all-important enquiries or sales.

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