Server Security Scan

Server Security Scan

$ 199.00 USD One Time
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Most Popular
This service will improve the security of your Server.
    What is included in your Service
      • We look for hacks and suspicious files and we update software versions to the latest supported by OS
      • Investigate Hacks by running tools like chkrootkit and rkhunter
      • Update Versions - Check versions of OS and all applications, update as needed
      • Check apache, php, and mysql version and provide upgrade
      • Review Users - Check for users, disable shell access for the ones not needed
      • Check accounts with empty password and root access
      • Investigate Common directories for any suspicious files/folders
      • Verify PHP security - check and disable insecure functions lke shell_exec and others
      • Apache SSL security checks
      • Disable weak SSL ciphers
      • Caching configuration
      • Check for open relay and secure the mail server
      • Check that SMTP authentication is implemented in the scripts
      • Configure spam filtering
      • Disable external access to the database server
      • update the database server to the latest version
      • Disable recursive query to prevent dns ddos attacks
      • Configure firewall rules according to customer needs

    This is just a preview of what we do, we have a bunch of other stuff included in the service.

    Not Sure which configuration is best for you?

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