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Package Servers included Webserver Database Server Included Tickets included


5 Apache | IIS Sql | Postgres Included 10 tickets/month
$125.00 USD /mo


10 Apache |IIS Sql | Postgres | Mssql | Mongodb Included 20 tickets per moth
$249.00 USD /mo


20 Apache | IIS Sql | Postgres | Mssql | Mongodb Included 40 tickets per month
$499.00 USD /mo
    1st month FREE
    Services you have in your Package
    • sendmail
    • exim
    • postfix
    • mailenable
    • domino
    • configuration of pmta cluster to send large number of emails
    • IP warmup
    • configuration and deployment of zimbra mail server
    • management of systems in production
    • Mysql database management and optimization
    • Postgresql database management and optimization
    • MSSQL database management
    • dns installation and configuration
    • mitigating against dns ddos attacks over udp channel
    • management and configuration of various control panel systems
    • regular updates and patches against known vulnerabilities
    • fixing problems with running systems
    • tomcat all versions
    • jboss/wildfly all versions
    • glassfish all versions
    • 24/7 servers monitoring included
    • Automatic service recovery
    • Bulk Server Management
    • First Responder included
    • Tickets/email assistance included
    • Amazon servers supported
    • Plesk Installation And Setup Services
    • Server Security, Optimization And Hardening
    • Third Party Software or Scripts Installations
    • Plesk mysql optimization and mysql tuning
    • Plesk PHP optimization and Os installation
    • Server Optimization
    • Backup Config & Monitoring
    • IP Blacklist Removal
    • SPAM Mitigation
    • DDOS Mitigation & Assistance
    • Customized Port Monitoring (Set of 10)
    • Automatic Service Recovery
    Included with your package
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