Secure network

A firewall configuration will be provided

Secure cardholder data

Stored cardholder data must be protected

Vulnerability management

Antivirus software will be used and regularly updated

Access control

  • Cardholder data access must be restricted to a business need to know basis
  • Every person with computer access must be assigned a unique ID
  • Phisical access to cardholder data must be restricted

Network monitoring and testing

  • Access to cardholder and network resources must be tracked and monitored
  • Security systems and processes must be regularly tested

Information security

A policy dealing with information security must be maintained

PCI Data Security Standard (DSS)

PCI security scan

Frequently Asked Questions
    If you have a website that accepts credit/debit cards, you are subject to the PCI DSS requirements regarding the safe handling of credit card data, and must be PCI compliant.
    Businesses fitting one or more of the following criteria are subject to the PCI DSS requirements:
  • A business that accepts credit or debit cards for payment, even if using a third-party vendor’s hardware, software or application to do so
  • A service provider that stores credit/debit card data on behalf of another business
  • A hosting provider or other service provider that processes or transmits credit/debit card data on behalf of another business.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of guidelines put in place to ensure that merchants are following best practices in order to reduce credit card fraud and security breaches.
The PCI DSS was formed by five major card brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB) in 2004 and compliance with this standard is required of all merchants.

    Your business has a lot of data to protect, yet you've likely noticed it's becoming increasingly difficult to do so:
    • Cyber criminals and their tools are highly sophisticated and well supported;
    • Organizational IT networks are extending to encompass an increased number and variety of endpoints;
    • Security technologies are costly and complex, making them difficult to vet, implement, and maintain; and
    • Compliance requirements are painful to interpret and apply, let alone keep up with.

The same technologies that make everyday business efficient also make it easy for hackers to access sensitive information. That’s why a business taking “just a handful” of credit cards is no less obligated to protect that card data than the major retailer running thousands of transactions.

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  • 72 hours setup
  • Major PCI scan companies supported
  • 3 months free patches
  • Server Security Assesment
    Our dedicated team will:
  • search for hacks and will try to determine if you have vulnerable software
  • review your web server's security settings.
  • analyze the use of SSL, ports, permissions, and web forms.
  • disable unused services .
  • implement best practice security settings will.
  • firewall rules will be hardened.
  • A report of all findings and recommendations will be prepared, and implemented upon approval.

Check our knowledgebase for more details on this. What IS PCI DSS link.

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