30th Jan 2021

CVE-2021-3156 Critical vulnerability

We have become aware of a vulnerability in the Sudo component of the Linux operating system which would allow a regular user to gain super user (root) privileges. We are classifying this as a critical vulnerability. The risks are that valid users can exploit the vulnerability to gain unauthorized access rights, or a hacker that compromises ...

28th Jan 2021

WildFly 22 available

WildFly 22 Final is now available


21st Jan 2021

CentOS is gone—but RHEL is now free for up to 16 production servers

    RHEL is now free for dev teams, and it's even free in production for up to 16 systems. Last month, Red Hat caused a lot of consternation in the enthusiast and small business Linux world when it announced the discontinuation of CentOS Linux. Long-standing tradition—and ambiguity in Red Hat's posted terms—led users to believe ...